Imagine Dating T.O.P


Taking selcas together



When he’s against something you are doing


Nerd T.O.P


After he does something embarrassingimage

Trying to convince you to do something 


"Patiently" waiting for you to shop


Playing around when both of you are picking new glasses


Snow ball fight


Telling you to do your best

imagePlaying around when you are nagging himimage

After a serious fight


Thinking of you before sleeping


Seeing you with another guy


Being cute


Being handsome a.ka. TOP


First time doing one of these ˆˆ Hope you like it ~ 

OMG so perfect!!

Kagami only reads M rated fanfictions (¬‿¬)

Chat where Momoi and Akashi fight, AoKaga, KiseKuro and MidoTaka want them back together and Doctor!Midorima went to their new apartment to cure a sick!Mine

This time Kagami said something clever, just this time

meet the blogger

  • do you usually sleep with your closet door open or closed? Closed
  • do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? If they smell good, why not? (I’M SO EVIL >:D)
  • where is your next vacation?  Hopefully Florence (or Venice)
  • who do you think reads these?  Nobody?
  •  do you have a calendar in your room? I have two…And they are still in January
  • what’s your plan for the day? Go to basketball training ^^
  • are you reading any books right now? Yup
  • do you ever count your steps when you walk? No
  • do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?  It depends on who’s with me in that moment
  • do you chew your pens and pencils? Not pens, only pencils
  • what is your “song of the week”? "If today was your last day" by Nickelback
  • is it okay for guys to wear pink? Of course! Why wouldn’t it be okay??
  • do you still watch cartoons? Yeah
  • what do you drink with dinner? Water?
  • what do you dip chicken nuggets in?  Ketchup
  • what is your favorite food/cuisine? My favourite cuisine is the italian one, but I don’t mind mexican and japanese
  • when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper? Last month when I needed to apologise to a dear friend
  • can you change the oil on a car? I don’t even have a car :(
  • what is your usual bedtime? When I feeel like my eyes are burning like hell, then it’s time to turn off the computer and go to bed
  • are you lazy? More than I will ever admit
  • afraid of heights? I don’t know, but I think not
  • occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? English teacer (And I still want to become one for some reasons)
  • hot tea or cold tea: Hot tea
  • tea or coffee? Coffee
  • favorite kind of cookie? CHOCOLATE COOKIES ^^
  • can you swim well?  Yes
  • can you hold your breath w/o manually holding your nose? Yes
  • who do you want to see right now? My grandfather <3

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Looking back

2013 was the year of the homos


aokaga’s and kuromomo’s children by Aldariia

Someone please write a fanfic about this *.*

Face to face

Just a normal day, skating with some friends…Wait a second…



My favourite? Both


Cute ^^ (Artist)