Gokudera thought…And he screwed up

Sports Anime ( I don’t even know why I made this…Probably because I was bored…)

Yesterday my friend came over while I was rewatching for the seventh time Inazuma Eleven


And when she saw it she commented like “But what are you watching?!?! That thing is so boring! Sports anime are for losers hohohohoho”


And, even though I knew she was trying to be funny, I felt like murdering her with the first thing that my hand found (that was a pen -.-)


But then I just wanted to scream in her face


Because I know that she watches Free!


and Kuroko no Basket


"In the end, I’m afraid I’ll have to tell you that we’re on the same boat, so don’t act like you’re any better than me my dear loser friend”



Wow, looking good there Hibari

The two faces of justice (Source not found)

Cleaning team, FIGHTING! (I think Jean’s apron with a horse’s face on it is pretty important)

I want two little angels like them in my house ^^

Look at that little Atsushi ^^

Noooooo, you poor little things 

Kyaaaaaaaaaa *.*

Nap time with Levi sensei

MuraHimu + Skies

Aomine lower yourself a little more, Kuroko has some problems

Who’s scared of Rakuzan now?

Red riding hood, what are those muscles for?”

"To punch you better"